Our Services

The UF MDTP is a unique resource for students, families, and school districts in the North Central Florida region. We provide multidisciplinary evaluation and consultation services for children and youth at risk for or identified as having complex medical, educational, socioemotional, and/or behavioral problems. We also provide parent education and support services, and in-service and pre-service training for educators and other professionals.

Our Services Include

Multidisciplinary Evaluations

For students K through 12th grade referred by their families, school districts, state, community agencies, and other providers.Direct intervention services include parent and student consultation targeted at improving academic engagement, learning, self-efficacy, and outcomes.

Parent Consultation

Services focused on 1) providing parents with the information and guidance necessary to facilitate participation in activities aimed at enhancing their children’s learning and skill development in the home setting and 2) fostering strong parent-school partnerships

Consultation Services

Provided to teachers and school districts throughout the region. These services include academic and behavioral consultation with classroom teachers and other school personnel, and participation in school-based intervention teams.

Training and Work-shops

In-service and pre-service training and educational work-shops for parents, teachers and other professionals across a range of disciplines

Referral Process

At-risk and struggling students can be referred to the program by their families, schools, health professionals, and/or state and local agencies by contacting FDLRS/UF MDTP at (352) 294-8248.

Parents, teachers, and other school personnel will be asked to complete a referral packet to provide pertinent information about the student’s educational background, school attendance, current and prior interventions and response to interventions, prior assessments and evaluations, physical and mental health, and medical history. This referral information allows for the initial determination of specific assessment/evaluation to guide consultation with parents, schools, and healthcare and related providers aimed at improving student engagement, learning, and outcomes.